What’s the Story?

I recently attended the prestigious Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Awards to produce videos for the event. I was surprised by much I learned, not only about food production and promotion but also about my own business and video production in general. The theme from most of the talks, speeches and conversations centered around the importance of telling a story. For me the quote of the week was by chef and author Brian McDermott,

“There are only two types of customers; new and repeat. You’ll get the new from the story and you’ll get the repeat from good products”

So what’s the story for your business? And how can you translate that story to a video that will tell your story for you online worldwide 24/7? Let’s start here:

  1. Work Backwards. What do you hope people will think about your product or service after they watch your video? Will they be left feeling inspired, hungry, curious, informed? What’s the emotion that you want them to feel?
  2. Call to Action. What action do you want them to take after they finish watching your video? Can you add an incentive that will further entice them to take this action? For example, visit our only store and enter this coupon for a 10% discount. Make the discount code unique to the video so that you can actually measure the impact of the video and not rely on view count or video likes.
  3. The Future. Every story has a beginning a middle and an end. In video terms the end is the future. Where do you want your business, product or service to go? What is the big dream for you? What is your grand vision? Don’t worry about sounding pretentious or about not being able to fulfill this dream. The audience just want to know that you dream big and there is more that motivates you than sales.
  4. The Middle. This is often the tricky part of any story but I like to think of it as the bridge; the best part of a city and sometimes the best part of a song. This is where you are now and it’s hard to see how well you’re doing from your own perspective so ask around. Ask your family, friends, mentors and customers to write a paragraph of how they see your business now. You’ll be surprised by how much they see that you don’t.
  5. The Beginning. Now this is usually the juicy part. Did your company start in a caravan out of necessity to pay bills? Was there an idea that woke you at night that you couldn’t stop thinking about. Romanticize the beginning even if there was nothing romantic involved. Make it romantic. Put on those rose tinted glasses and take a good look back at those defining moments that made you start but more importantly kept you keeping on.
  6. Be Authentic. You may have to romanticize yes but never compromise the true you. Video viewers are extremely perceptive so be bold with your concepts and ideas and don’t worry if you think your story doesn’t stand up to the likes of Facebook’s, your story is unique to you and viewers will resonate if you open up and give them a real insight to you and your business.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to start thinking up ideas for your story video. Don’t be shy and leave your questions and comments below!

Happy Videoing,

The Vidacademy

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