What Could You Time-lapse Right Now?

What is a Time-Lapse?

A timelapse is a series of pictures taken at a set interval, for example, every 10 seconds, and then the pictures are stitched together into a video clip. Every video we watch is really just a series of still images placed next to each other like a cartoon flip book . Around 25 pictures in each second is what feels like normal motion to our human eyes and brains. Time-lapsing is similar to fast forwarding but it has a completely different feel and it is best used to capture and condense longer periods of time.

When to Time-Lapse

A time-lapse will work really well when there is any kind of movement such as:

  • clouds in the sky
  • people walking
  • construction works
  • cityscapes
  • a tractor in a field
  • people working on a production line
  • people painting on a canvas

Think about 3 time-lapse videos that you could start filming right now and tell us your 3 ideas in the comments below.

  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________

How to Time-Lapse

On many phones including the newer iPhones and Samsungs there is a built-in time-lapse option in the Camera app But if you can’t find it on your phone’s camera then you can always install a free time-lapse app.

Tip: When searching for free apps, look for the highest number of review as well at the number of stars; a five star rating may only have one review

Make sure the camera is completely still and that it will remain steady for the duration of the recording. It’s best if you have a tripod but with a little ingenuity, you can makeshift a tripod using books, paper clips and pretty much anything with enough tape!

Press the red button and then wait as long as you feel you have captured enough of the action and story. For example, if you’re capturing a sunset, you will want to wait until the sun completely disappears completing the action as well as the story. This can take some testing so give yourself enough time and plan in a rehearsal. Press the red button again to finish recording your recording and your phone should automatically save your time-lapse in your library or gallery.

Next, open an easy to use video editing app like Quik. This app is free and available for both iOS and Android. You can add text overlays to your video, choose a song that suits the tone, add a still image of your logo to the end and upload straight to social media.

Presto you’ve got some shareable visual content. Go you!

The Vidacademy