About The Vidacademy

What is The Vidacademy?

The Vidacademy has one mission and this is to make mobile video simple for everyone though online courses, face to face workshops, consultations, blogging, podcasts and any other means of online and online communication that might benefit you. The Vidacademy gives individuals and businesses the tools, shows them the platforms and helps them to build their confidence so they can share stories that matter most to them with the rest of the world.

Meet the Founder

My name is Judie Russell and my life with video began 31 years ago… when I was 1 year old. My parents bought a VHS video camera and filmed some of the most significant moments in my life for the next 10 years. I was never camera shy and I would often demand that the camera be freed from it’s case and put to work at every opportunity. When I was 11 my family split up and our home was sold however all was not lost and the one thing that I always had to remind me of these happy times was this video:

After just about making it through the school years I managed to graduated from University College Cork with a first class Masters in Business Economics and to my great surprise my thesis was published. But that was enough of Business Economics and it was finally time to see the world. I lived and worked in 11 countries from New Zealand to Hawaii and traveled in more than 30 working in any job I could find from hostel manager to exhibition builder to funfair attendant.

Bus to Costa Rica

All aboard the bus to Costa Rica!

I was now in my mid 20s and truthfully I felt lost. I was traveling from LA to Panama by bus and I had around $400 to my name. Now I was worried. I couldn’t even afford a flight ticket home and the last thing I wanted to do was to beg my mother for a bail out. I knew I needed a solid trade or skill that could actually benefit other people. I scanned every website for anything… maybe I could teach? How about an animal sanctuary? How hard could driving a bus really be? Then I found it. A marketing company in Costa Rica was looking for a ‘News Spokeswoman’. I didn’t even know what this meant but I wanted it, and I got it. Within a few months I was presenting to YouTube daily, managing a team of 5 and producing over 100 minutes of content weekly from live shows to industry news stories.

As much as I loved presenting to camera I knew that to have a real shot in the video world I needed the technical skills too so after 2 years in Costa Rica and a total of 5 years on the road it was time to return home to Ireland. I enrolled in a 12 month TV and Video Production course. I learned how to plan for filming, use professional broadcast cameras and edit for television. I was the editor on Ireland’s longest running hidden camera show ‘The Fear’. For 12 months I produced, presented and edited a weekly 30 mintue magazine show that broadcast on SKY. And I spent summer 2015 working as part of the small team behind Irish box office hit ‘The Young Offenders’.

It was during the production of the film that I upgraded to the iPhone6. While I was using a professional camera for the majority of filming, every now and then something funny or unplanned for would happen and I wouldn’t have time to set up the camera so I would just film it on the phone. I didn’t really expect it to be usable footage but when I got back to the edit suite and put the professional camera footage next to the phone footage I was amazed by the quality. I thought if this is what the 6 can do imagine what the 20 will be able to do. That was when I decided to sell all of my cumbersome equitpment and move into mobile filming only. I finally knew how I could benefit others – by teaching them the skills that I had aquired over the preious years and here we are… The Vidacadmy!

Teaching is a learing curve for my but I am excited by it. Ideas wake me, researching topcis give me energy, hearing good and bad feedback gives me motivation to teach more. I can’t thank you enough so being here with me and I look forward to helping you create your own version of my baby video!

Happy Videoing,